Carriage House

Add Historical Elegance with a Carriage House Garage Door

Designed to emulate the look and feel of historical, swinging carriage house doors, this style has all the convenience and durability of a modern overhead door with a charming traditional touch.

Carriage house doors are a highly sought-after style that can drastically boost your curb appeal and add a unique, vintage look to your home.

At Precision, we offer carriage house garage doors in a wide variety of styles, materials, and design options so you can find one that perfectly compliments your home’s exterior.



Carriage House Door Design Options

While all carriage house garage doors have a rustic look, they also come with design options you won’t find on traditional or contemporary garage doors.

Some of those options can include:

  • Long vertical panels
  • Diagonal lines
  • Wood overlays
  • Barn door patterns
  • Decorative hinges and knobs
  • Swing-out door designs

Carriage house garage doors are typically a bit more lavish – they’re perfect for homeowners looking to add a rustic flare to the outside of their home.

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Carraige House Doors Are More Than Just Pretty

They also offer homeowners some practical benefits! Garage doors are built to last, which means most homeowners only replace them once. That’s why so it’s important to pick one that offers the best value for your home in addition to looking amazing.

Materials To Suit Your Needs – Whether you choose a garage door made of steel, wood, composite wood, or even vinyl, your carriage house door will be more than just a pretty face. The variety of materials available in this style allow you to not only have a gorgeous garage door but also have one that’s perfectly suited to your specific needs and environment.

Energy Efficient Options – Unlike their 19th century predecessors, modern carriage house doors have the option of being extremely environmentally friendly and energy efficient. An insulated core is a practical upgrade available with most our doors that can significantly reduce both your energy costs and outside noise.

Plenty of Styles to Choose From – From numerous carriage house panel styles, to authentic panel patterns, window design, and more, we offer a broad selection of beautiful style options that will bring your door (and home) to life.

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Google 5 Star award
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