Garage Door Emergency Release Cord

Emergency Release Cord Repair

Emergency release cords are designed to disengage the automatic opener mechanism from the garage door. This lets homeowners manually open or close the door in situations where the opener isn’t functioning due to power failures, technical glitches, or any other unexpected issues.

Emergency release cords are necessary and mandatory safety features present in all modern garage doors.

If your emergency release cord isn’t working properly, call Precision to get it repaired.

Garage Door Emergency Release Cord

When to Repair the Emergency Release Cord

The emergency release cord shouldn’t be used every day – it’s only a backup when your opener or garage door isn’t opening properly.

Since it’s not used often, it doesn’t experience the heavy wear and tear that some other components do, but it can still rust and deteriorate over time.

It’s a good idea to test your release cord about once a year to be sure it’s working. You don’t want to find out it’s broken when you really need it! If you notice that something is wrong with the release cord or you still can’t open the door when using it, it’s best to call Precision right away.

How to Test the Emergency Release Cord

If you need to use the release cord to open your garage door, here’s how to do it.

  • Be sure your garage door is in the closed position – never use the release cord when the door is open. This prevents the door from crashing down due to broken springs or cables.
  • Find the red cord or rope hanging down from the trolley mechanism near the ceiling of your garage. It should have a handle or knob attached to the end that makes it easy to grab.
  • Firmly grasp the handle and pull it downward in a straight motion. This disengages the trolley from the garage door opener’s drive system.
  • With the emergency release cord pulled, manually lift or lower the garage door. Be careful, as the door might be heavy.
  • After opening the door, be sure to fully close it again.
  • Pull the emergency release cord again to engage the trolley back with the opener’s drive system.

If your garage door is very difficult to open, will not open at all (even with the release cord), or is stuck in the open position, do not attempt to open the door yourself. Call a professional Precision technician who can find the underlying problem and repair the door safely.

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