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Garage Door Pulley Replacement

Garage door pulleys help support your door’s spring system. The springs carry the weight of the garage door, and without the pulleys, the springs would need to bear the door’s entire weight. 

When pulleys wear out, it usually affects the other components like cables, springs, and center bearings.

At Precision, we install high-quality pulleys to keep your door working smoothly and safely.

When in Doubt, Call the Pros!

Garage doors rely on several parts working together, so even small components like pulleys play a big role in your door’s operation.

One of the primary functions of garage door pulleys is to reduce the tension on the garage door springs. When the pulleys wear out, the added stress can cause the springs to wear out prematurely, leading to the garage door malfunctioning or even falling.

It’s best to call a professional if you notice that your garage door has been:

  • Making excessive noise – When the pulleys are in good condition and working properly, they should help to reduce the noise your door makes when in use.
  • Shaking or wobbling – Pulleys also help reduce vibrations as you door moves, but worn pulleys can cause noticeable shaking.
  • Not opening all the way (or at all) – This usually happens when one or more parts of the spring system aren’t functioning correctly.
  • Falling shortly after opening – A spring or cable may be broken. These parts should be replaced only by a trained professional.

If something doesn’t seem right about the way your door is working, Precision can help! Our professional technicians complete a 25-point safety inspection to find the source of garage door issues and any potential safety hazards.

Professional Garage Door Pulley Installation

At Precision, we use only the highest-quality parts to replace your garage door components. When you make an appointment with us, our skilled technicians arrive at your location in trucks stocked with everything necessary to complete the job in a single visit.

We Use

Precision garage door pulley

Precision uses a cast iron pulley for strength and durability. The no-seam design ensures cables roll through pulleys smoothly.

They Use

Other garage door pulleys

Other companies use a light-duty sheave pulley. These will eventually separate and cause the door to strain severely.

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