How to Install a Garage Door Opener

Emerging from your car to open the garage door in driving rain or an icy snowstorm is not something most homeowners want to do every time they want to park their vehicle. A new automatic garage door opener can save you from repeated drenchings and add much-needed convenience to your daily routine.

When installing a garage door opener, there are many variables that homeowners must be aware of to ensure proper operation and safety. These include:

  • Safety sensor installation
  • Proper door balance
  • Safe door force settings
  • Door reinforcement (to prevent opener damage)
  • Appropriate ceiling mounts

If any of these items or adjustments are ignored, the results could be a damaged garage door opener, property damage, or personal injury.

Types of Garage Door Openers

Before actually installing a new garage door opener, homeowners must decide what type of opener fits their budget and lifestyle:

  • Screw Drive
    On a screw drive opener, the lifting mechanism moves along a threaded steel rod or plastic-lined track as it guides the door. This type of opener tends to be lower maintenance, but is not very fast and its noise level may not be acceptable to some homeowners.
  • Belt Drive 
    A belt-driven opener moves the door up and down through the use of a fiber-reinforced belt, rather than a screw or chain. We recommend this type of garage opener because it offers superb performance, quiet operation, and durability.
  • Chain Drive
    This is the most common type of automatic garage door opener and relies on a metal chain and a metal trolley to operate the door. A chain-driven opener is typically less expensive than belt or screw drive door opener, but is typically much louder.

Professional Assessment

If you are ready to give up braving the elements to open your garage and simply drive in with the push of a button, trust the experienced team at Precision Door to help you choose an ideal automatic garage door opener for your home and budget. In addition, our professional technicians offer a hassle-free installation, whatever type of opener you choose.

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