How to Insulate a Garage

Regulating the temperature of where you park your vehicle or a storage space may not be foremost in many homeowners’ minds, but it should be. An insulated garage door can help save money on your power bill.

If you use your garage as a workspace, an insulated garage door can make it more comfortable. And if there is a heated and cooled living space above your garage, an insulated garage door is essential to helping maintain comfort.

In addition to cost savings, an insulated garage door adds excellent soundproofing to your garage.

Adding Insulation to an Existing Garage Door

Over the years, we have encountered many homemade insulation ideas installed on garage doors. The important thing to remember if you are thinking about insulating your garage door is that insulation is going to add weight.

Your garage door springs are designed and calibrated to lift the weight of a specific door. A door with additional insulation (and weight) will reduce the lifting capability of your door’s existing spring system.

If you also have a garage door opener installed, the opener is going to have to work harder to lift a heavier door and will eventually become damaged.

Professional Assessment

If you are thinking of adding insulation to your garage door, let the professionals at Precision Door help you assess the parts that may need upgrading or replacing. You may simply need stronger springs or a new garage door opener.

A brand-new garage door is the most energy-efficient option and Precision Garage Door of Hickory offers a full line of stylish and fully insulated doors, including wood and steel, that feature polystyrene or polyurethane insulation. In addition, we offer garage door weather stripping.

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