How to Soundproof a Garage

The intention of a garage is to house a vehicle, but that doesn’t mean that’s what it will always be used for. From storage area to spare bedrooms, they can take on a variety of forms. Garages are notoriously adaptable, especially when you know how to make them work for you.

A popular garage application is the home studio or band practice spot, and unless you live in the middle of nowhere with very tolerant roommates, soundproofing is practically essential.

Build a Room Within a Room

Actually building an extra layer of wall will go a long way in dulling any outside noise seepage. This is especially true for unfinished garages.

Start by ensuring your walls are properly insulated then assess whether or not you’ll need additional soundproofing. If so, go ahead and add another layer of drywall and insulation sandwiched by another framed wall and drywall. If you’re really rocking out, you could even go three layers deep. Don’t feel you need to hire a professional contractor for this. You can go as basic as using pallets that you score for free from just about any grocery store.

Sound Absorption Sheets

Sound absorption sheets or sound blankets can work miracles for a space and are a snap to hang without even having to bust out your toolbox.

The price of these product does tend to vary fairly significantly as do claims of noise reduction, but as with most purchases it’s best to just figure you’ll get what you pay for. Regardless of which you choose, for larger spaces this option can quickly get spendy, so it’s best to place your blankets strategically or save for small space applications.

Resilient Channels

In most homes, the walls are constructed with the drywall directly applied to the wood studs that make up the walls frame. Normally this is perfectly acceptable but one of the best ways to reduce sound waves passing through the walls is to add a layer of separation between the drywall and the studs.

Enter resilient channels. These handy dandy gadgets effectively isolate the framing studwork from the drywall, which can have drastic effects on sound reduction.

Install an Insulated Garage Door

Insulated garage doors are great for regulating temperature as well as soundproofing! Garage door insulation can be built into the door itself in the form of polyurethane injection or polystyrene paneling. Weather stripping can be added post-installation for additional atmosphere control and soundproofing.

Mix and Match

Perhaps the best method of soundproofing is some combination of these methods. Depending on your specific situation, combining a few of these techniques is the best way to reduce sound. The cheapest combination is the resilient channels alongside multiple walls.

Don’t Forget the Door!

Here at Precision Garage Door of Hickory, the place we can help with soundproofing is in the garage door! Give us a call today to learn all about our insulation options and how we can best help with your soundproofing plans!

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